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Well Destiny 2 exploded last week and EDZ has been flooded with Guardians in the past 5 days. Killing aliens and collecting loot has never felt better. A lot of things have changed in Destiny 2, but a lot of things have remained the same. We will have to say that Shaders sit squarely in the former category.

Anyone who has played Destiny knows that Shaders used to drop as reward items or could be brought from Eververse and then could be applied to color your entire equipped armor. Players could collect an infinite number of shaders and switch between them infinitely, however each shader would affect their entire armor set, and they couldn’t be applied individually to say just the gloves or just the helmet.

Both of these things have changed in Destiny 2 as each Shader that you would unlock will come with a limited number of use. Apply the shader the designated number of times and it will be lost, until you can acquire it again in game.

On the up side though this time shaders can be individually be applied to separate items, so you can pick and choose what color combination looks best. It might be worth noting though that shaders don’t work on Exotic items, or atleast it didn’t work on the ones I have unlocked.

Bungie justified this decision through a series of tweets from their game director Luke Smith



What do you make of it? Do you think its Bungie’s way of monetizing shaders, or is it a way to make shaders mean more. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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