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  1. Hi there,
    It’s Anton, developer of image compression service and PC app.

    I’ve noticed that you don’t compress images in your reviews, which slows down whole page and makes web-site feel a bit laggy. Since you’re using WordPress you can just check out “image optimization” (compression) plugins and just install one. In case you’ll encounter any problems feel free to e-mail me.
    And if you’re wondering how much you can you gain from bothering with compressing your images – my app managed 50-60% size reduction on all images I’ve checked (essentially halving their size), without any noticeable change in quality.

    Regards, Anton.

    1. Ha-ha, didn’t notice it was a comment section for a static contacts page, you probably should disable comments for it to prevent similar confusion (there should be checkbox or something in either page properties or page setting). Unless that’s intended behavior and you just get feedback in form of unpublished comments as well.

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