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Destiny 2 is an improvement on a lot of things which were wrong in Destiny. Public events have improved visibility, Lost Sectors offer secret missions, Sub-classes are unlocked through missions too, and Adventures are excellent sub-story based distractions. Among all these new ways to get loot, there are also Flashpoints. Something which is not as well explained in the game. And while Flashpoints are one the best ways to get some legendary loot, it maybe a little convoluted to unlock them.

That’s where we come in.

What are Flashpoints?

Flashpoints are a new way to earn high-level, weekly rewards for simply carrying out quite basic Activities in designated areas.

Flashpoints are weekly milestones which are awarded to you by Cayde-6, once you have unlocked them, much like how Ikora gives you daily challenges to complete. The rewards too are earned by talking to Cayde-6.

Unlock Flashpoints?

To unlock Flashpoints in Destiny 2, you don’t have to complete the main story. All you need to do is get to level 15 and complete the ‘Fury’ quest of the main story, followed by a quest awarded to you by Cayde-6 called ‘Patrol’.

Once Patrols are unlocked, you will get another quest to complete 3 patrols anywhere. Once that is wrapped up, talk to Cayde again – either at The Farm or at that other social space you unlock after completing the story – and without much fanfare, Flashpoints will be unlocked. You can view the current Flashpoint from your Milestone’s tab (That’s L2 on the PS4 when you are in the director/map in Destiny 2).

Remember Flashpoints are weekly, so they will be reset 10 PM every Tuesday UK time. So you need to collect your rewards before that.

In our constant endeavour to make Destiny 2 as easy and accessible to you, we offer you the following tips as well:



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