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So its been 5 days since Destiny 2 has been released for the PS4 and Xbox One, with PC release coming later. In those 5 days, your truly has visited the EDZ (European Dead Zone), Nessus, IO, Titan and a Cabal warship. But just like the original Destiny there are some things which are not clear from the get go. Things like how to get pre-order bonuses, what are Flashpoints, how do shaders work this time, and when/where can you get your hands on a Sparrow.

There is a lot to do in Destiny 2, and the maps are just plain big sometimes. So its no wonder that you miss your sparrow (for people who are new to Destiny, sparrows are vehicles that allow for quick commute). But if you haven’t already got it, then don’t worry you are not doing anything wrong. Here is what you need to do to unlock a Sparrow in Destiny 2.

Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead

Unlock your Sparrow for free

Once you complete the entire story campaign in Destiny 2. You will have to visit Amanda Holliday in the hangar, and she will let you choose a basic sparrow once for no extra costs.

Everis in the Farm, will also reward you with a FREE Bright Enagram once the story mission is completed. This MIGHT also contain a rare Sparrow for you to equip.

Get a Sparrow through Bright Enagrams

As mentioned above you can also be rewarded a Sparrow through unlocking Bright Enagrams at Everis, however, these Enagrams can only be bought after you have REACHED LEVEL 20. Also unlocking sparrow through this means is a bit of hit and a miss. But this would suit players who don’t want to pursue the story and are grinding through the PvP and other modes.

Passing your Sparrow to other characters

Once you have unlocked a Sparrow for any one of your characters. You can safely deposit any extra sparrows that you have in the vault. These can then be accessed by all your other characters, irrespective of their story completion and level.

Why does it take so long?

Returning guardians will understand that the Sparrow was unlockable quite early in Destiny. However in an interview with Polygon, Bungie’s senior environment artist Jason Sussman explained the reasoning behind their early game omission.

“There’s a lot of content now that we place in these worlds — there’s a lot of little offshoots and bits of history — and we don’t want people just blasting past it. And it was finding that right balance of when, right, and how much we wanted you to walk those destinations, but it was intentional.”

Hope you can finally get your hands on the Sparrow you needed. If you like this guide maybe you would like to know more about:



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