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If you are like me, then you would probably have pre-ordered Destiny 2, and once the first mission is completed, you are probably wondering where you can get your hands on the pre-order bonuses that you were promised. Well you are in luck, because I have wondered the same thing and found the answers.

Coldheart Exotic, Sword, and Kill-Tracker Ghost

All of the 3 above items will only be available once you have cracked level 20 AND have finished the entire story campaign.

Once you have done that you can head over to the Gunsmith at either of the social spaces, and acquire Coldheart (Standard Pre-order bonus) and the Sword (Legendary Edition Pre-Order Bonus.)

The Kill Tracker ghost which shows your total kills in Crucible and Single Player will be available in your vault once you have reached level 20 and completed the story.

Shaders, Emblems, And Emotes

Shaders, Emblems and Emotes thankfully will not make you wait until you can finish the story. Once you have competed the first few mission and arrived at THE FARM, you can head over to the Vault, and acquire all the pre-order bonus shader, emblems and emotes that you have earned, including the ones you unlocked for your Moments Of Triumph in original Destiny.

Hope this guide helped you reach closure on the mystery of your pre-ordered items. If you like what you read, you might want to check out other pieces of information for Destiny 2.




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