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Just like in the first game, a lot of exotic weapons are dropped through enemies or through enagrams. Some exotics however have quests attached to them. MIDA Multi Tool, touted as one of the strongest exotic weapons in the game, is one such gun. How to get it, well we have got you covered.


  1. First finish the campaign and reach level 20 to unlock the story based ‘Enhance’ quest in EDZ given to you by Devrim Kay.
  2. As a reward for finishing the mission, you will get the MIDA Mini Tool. A legendary submachine gun which is a great gun in its own right.
  3. Take the gun to the traveller and talk to the Gunsmith, accepting the “Sight, Shoot, Repeat” quest. To complete this, you’ll need to use a scout rifle to score 50 precision kills (shooting the weak spot so yellow damage numbers appear), and 25 kills without reloading. That second step isn’t as hard as it sounds; you need to kill multiple enemies without a reload, but not all 25 with the same magazine. Groups of two or three enemies will count.
  4. Once finished return to the Gunsmith, he’ll provide you with ‘Under The Hood’, which demands you dismantle five rare or legendary scout rifles. You can stock up on them before hand.
  5. Visit the Gunsmith one more time to unlock ‘The Fall Will Kill You’. This last step requires you to kill 50 enemies using a submachine gun… while airborne. The MIDA mini Tool is a great option here.
  6. Finally visit the Gunsmith one last time to be rewarded The MIDA Multi Tool, exotic of dreams.

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