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When it’s time to upgrade the rig, people always search out the best parts out there. However, budget constraints do place limitations on the quality of products purchased, forcing people to wait more to save up, or wait for a deal. If you’ve been one of the many guys who have been waiting out the mining crisis for an upgrade, and are in search of a good cabinet, the AC300W is a decent one, and AORUS has a pretty decent deal on it.

The AORUS AC300W , originally priced at INR 8450, is now on sale at 50% off for a price of 4215 INR. Considering the quality of the cabinet, that’s a pretty steep discount – and an offer one can’t refuse!

The offer is available only for the first 1000 units, so get your AC300W cabinet today before the promotion runs out! Contact your local retailer (both offline and online) to avail the offer today.

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