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I’m not going to tell you what the hell is Pokémon GO and who developed it, because if you don’t know this then you are definitely not from this world. So let’s talk business here…

Recently, a redditor (and precisely a Pokémon GO fan) who goes by the username ftb_hodor, walked an astonishing 153.2km and has able to catch all 142 pokemons in Pokémon GO. I know, I know there are a total of 151 Pokémons in that crazy game but some of them are region-locked.

According to him, “five Pokémon aren’t in the game yet and three region-locked and not available in the US,” (excluding Mew).

Taurus, Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, and Kangaskhan are amongst the locked ones.

As reported on Eurogamer, Tauros is region-locked to North America but he or she is also shown up in countries of South America (anyways…what’s the gender of all these pokemons? *sigh* That’s a debate in itself).

Kangaskhan is exclusive to Australasia, however, some may debate about it being an exclusive to Australia but there are people all ready to debate in New Zealand.

Mr. Mime, on the other hand, will serve to Europe (and UK).

Lastly, Farfetch’d who apart from being an Asian-exclusive, also appears in Japan, as reported by some people.

So…how could you catch these region-locked Pokémons? Well, its pretty easy. Just travel to these countries to catch ’em all (lol…just kidding).

Its not possible for you to visit these territories just for catching pokemon, unless you’ve pocket full of money. But think again, you do have the possibility to visit these places by spoofing your GPS location. (Sounds cool, no?)

You can catch these rare pokemons by taking a simple yet technical trick into count.

This simple hack is for android phones only ’cause you know what, android is the best OS when it comes to doing such creepy things.

To know how exactly you’re gonna spoof your location head towards Phonearena.com’s post, they perfectly explained it in a detailed yet simple way. (But don’t forget to come back here.)

Well, now you get to know how to spoof your location.

After faking your location, go to…I mean set your desired location on the map where you want to pay a visit and catch those region exclusive pokemons, by double tapping the map in the app mentioned in the post.

And now you’re all done! In general, you faked your location and told Pokémon GO that you’re at that particular location which you choose earlier.

Walk a few metres and you’ll find that you’re really catching ’em all. But before you rushed out, it is not guaranteed that you’ll see these rare pokemons. I tried this hack and able to capture some starter pokemon but not the rare ones because they need a deep excavation. Though I got a constant error message appearing in the game saying it “Failed to detect location”, it’s still working fine for me.

If you found this trick working for you too and able to catch any of those rare pokemon, do let us know in the comment below.

Enjoy Yourself!

    1. Yea. I read somewhere that they’re banning for about 3-8 hours for spoofing GPS location but it’s not guaranteed…I mean…You maybe get banned or maybe not.

    2. yea. I read somewhere they’re banning for about 3-8 hours for spoofing gps location but that’s not guaranteed…i mean…you maybe got banned or maybe not.

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