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Blacktop Hoops VR

Any basketball conversation steers the mind to the famous names in the industry, like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James; the list is never-ending and impressive.

A recent survey by Statista highlighted that 56% of basketball enthusiasts in the U.S. follow famous leagues such as the NBA since the games are action-packed and star-studded. These aspects are not present in the dragging affairs of other sports.

Focussing on the omnipresent enthusiasm of basketball fans who reminisce the old-school arcade games like NBA Jam and NBA Street, Blacktop Hoops was created for the players who enjoy and grew up watching And1 and continue to admire the 90s fashion and hip hop music. It is also built for Gen Z hoopers who have been using the exciting drive tricks, dunks, and shots from renowned basketball players.

Blacktop Hoops Screenshot

Blacktop Hoops VR game has been directed on the original Streetball culture. The global team behind this brilliant game has years of experience and expertise in their fields. They integrated intuitive mechanics, powerful AI & animations, several game modes, original music, sneakers, and customized apparel, renowned emcees, collaborators & strong partnerships, and stylish art together.

The parent company, Vinci Games was brought to life in 2021 by AAA game veterans who has a wealth of experience working on Witcher, NBA Street, NBA Jam, and Marvel Contest of Champions along with animated feature film experts from Rio 2, Ice Age, and Encanto.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Vinci Games, Nathaniel Ventura states, “Blacktop Hoops was inspired by my love of old school arcade games including NBA Jam and NBA Street. The game represents our love for streetball, hip hop music, and streetwear culture but reinvented in VR. We designed the game with intuitive mechanics so players can jump in and immediately start having fun.”

Blacktop Hoops Screenshot

This multiplayer VR basketball game allows the user to chain together dribble, shoot, dunk, and defend. Using a simplifying economy of style, every minuscule aspect was paid undivided attention. Basketball courts were inspired by real-world locations including the beachside course of Venice, L.A., Lake Merritt in Oakland, and Rucker Park in Harlem, New York.

Authenticity is the focal point of this game, thus professional Streetball players incorporated into the platform such as Jordan Kilganon, and King Handles to deliver a real-life immersive experience while gaming.

The Kickstarter campaign is live. It will work towards raising funds to build the next generation’s first AAA VR basketball game in the industry. With continual support from the people, full-fledged single-player and multi-player features will be added. Kickstarter will bring the game to all major platforms and will include console, PC, and mobile services.

The Blacktop Hoops’s VR game is disrupting the industry. Their Alpha on Quest and Steam game was released two months ago and is loved by hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.

Wait up! Blacktop Hoops is arriving!

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