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People were extremely excited to see a Cyberpunk 2077 trailer this E3, following 5 long years of silence since the teaser trailer. The gameplay showed off the dystopian future, in a city in America, which has not been named.

Interestingly, there’s an IP referred to in the trailer :¬† . Turns out, the IP actually links to a site linked to Cyberpunk (titled cyberpunk.net), where some service provider called “Quadra” demands the login details of the user for unlocking access to the “VIP services”.

The site the IP jumps to.

Keen observers have noticed two things – Quadra is the company who manufactured the automative which the protagonist rides off to glory in the trailer, while the password for the same is NC20 CP77, which is the number seen on the backplate of the car of the protagonist.

If you’re one of the lucky few who did it before others had the idea of doing it, you will be greeted by the CDPR logo. Apparently, the people who did it earlier were asked to enter their email, and were promised to be “contacted”. The real question is, what does it mean? What does it imply?

The CDPR logo which can be accessed on successfully logging in (ignore the error)

Is it a hint about the release date or other details about the game? Free DLC for ones who got through? A free copy of the game? No one has any idea.

For others, here’s the trailer for spotting out the finer details :

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