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Portability in gaming is the next generation of gaming. Kind of like going back? But the devices offered in the current generation pack a big punch! However, a majority of people would like to play on their mobile phones but still replicate the comfortable experience of a handheld gaming device.

The best solution? A portable and compatible mobile controller. And yes of course the best solution for this problem statement is none other than the Leadjoy M1C+ which supports Type C iPhones and Android devices.

Let’s take a deeper dive into our experience with controller!

Product Quality

The Leadjoy M1C arrives in a premium, slim white box that is sturdy, easy to carry, and provides perfect protection for your controller when not in use—preventing you from expending a separate purchase for protectors only for controllers. 

Upon opening the box, you have in your hands – The Controller, an overall cushion, an additional cushion and the manuals. Without reading the manual, you can set up the entire thing within seconds. The Type-C male connector in the controller unfortunately does not swivel and hence is to be used with care in each session. The controller however will expand wide easily, making it not much of a hassle to connect or disconnect your phone. 

Finally talking about the controller, the overall build quality is an absolute bang for the buck and a bit more! The white finish with black buttons provides a really premium feel and would not make you feel like a nerd if you’re playing in public. 

The buttons on the controller are very tactile and even after heavy usage remain in the same shape and status as the first use. You get almost all buttons except the Touchpad in a DualSense 5 in the Leadjoy M1C+. And yes, that includes the capture button, making it much easier to directly utilize the capture features of your console.

What’s more? The menu button on the controller is surrounded by a white halo light, helping you easily identify if the controller is connected. You get an additional USB-C port to charge your device while playing.

And at last, the core of the device is circular shaped which I initially mistook for a design style to make the controller stronger. Instead, it is a feature in the product to allows any magnetic mobile cooler to connect with it. Making Leadjoy M1C+ a number option for gamers with long-term gaming sessions and even streaming. 

Product Performance

As mentioned earlier, the buttons in the controller are clicky but do not lose even after heavy and rough usage. The analogue sticks have a perfect edge design, making them extremely easy to use even after being at least 50% smaller than a Dualsense 5 analogue stick. With the share button, it’s extremely easy to use remote play with PlayStation for any captures. With this product, I do feel that I will not require a PlayStation portal anywhere in the future. 

While I was confident that the product would perform excellently since the previous versions of the controller that only supported iPhones have also given fantastic results, I was not at all disappointed with the performance on Android devices. Using a One Plus Nord CE 3, I was able to play most of the games that support a controller, and also enjoy emulated games. This made my metro rides an enjoyable experience. 

The device itself is really easy to connect, therefore you can take out the controller and use it even when stuck inside a metro crowd. The controller has enough space and radiates the heat outside, therefore keeping the device itself cool. It does not take up any significant amount of power from your mobile either, which is personally a really major plus point. 

As for in-game performance, there is no input lag between the device and the game. Therefore once you have set the device, you will find yourself immersed in the game instead of worrying about the controller or your phone. 


Overall Leadjoy M1C+ is a master package of portable gaming with a diversified and generous support of devices because of the Type-C support. The cushions that come with the product allow a perfect and scratch-free fit on the controller. The controller itself looks and feels premium with a remarkable build quality and performance. 

Therefore if you’ve stumbled upon the controller having second thoughts, or just want to look up the best mobile controller? You should go with the Leadjoy M1C+ without a second thought. 

Check out the Product here!

LeadJoy M1C+ Review

LeadJoy M1C+
98 100 0 1
LeadJoy M1C+ is one of the best mobile controller for iPhones and Android devices with Type-C compatibility. The overall look and design is extremely premium, with loaded features and quality that will guarantee a big lifetime of usage.
LeadJoy M1C+ is a phenomenal product for the price range it is offered in. The overall look and quality is very premium with loaded features. The buttons are tactile and the Type-C compatibility makes it easier to use on both iPhones and Android.
Total Score iLeadJoy M1C+
  • Product Quality
    100/100 The best
  • Product Design
    100/100 The best
  • Product Feel
    95/100 The best

The Good

  • Premium Look and Quality
  • Tactile Keys
  • Easy Gripping Analog Sticks

The Bad

  • Lack of Swivel on Type-C Mount
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