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Modding has been a part of the gaming community for quite a while now and when it comes to games like GTA or Skyrim, we can definitely say that mods increase their life span exponentioally. Recently NeoGaf user The Admiester was able to mod Forza 6 Apex which is under the UWP (Universal Windows Program). According to a specific commentor, as per Tim Sweeney, the UWP games were modifiable but were a huge pain in the arse. Well this is good news for the PC community with games like Scalebound coming to PC. Below is a picture of the modded version of the game and the rest of the images can be seen in the link given at the end of the article.

The interior textures of the car were removed….

I mean just imagine if Scalebound would be modifiable, it will not be long before we see the protagonist flying on Thomas The Engine (Skyrim mods). The whole discussion can be seen here.

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