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With Destiny 2, comes 3 brand new sub-classes. For the Hunters we have Arcstrider, the Titans have Sentinel and the Warlocks get to play with Dawnbringer. But if you love the original sub-classes from Destiny, then no need to be disappointed, you can still unlock them in game. AS QUESTS.

Yes that’s right, you can unlock 2 sub-classes each depending on the character you are playing. While in game, specific relics will be dropped depending upon the character you are playing with. The relic can drop from Public events, Lost Sectors, or as Loot from Legendary Enemies.

Once the relic drops, it would be added to your sub-class inventory (Yeah That’s a thing), and you would asked to power it up by participating in public events and by killing enemies. Do it enough, and you would be asked to take it to the Traveler’s shard in EDZ Earth, and after a short mission, the sub-class would be unlocked.

Here are the sub-classes you can unlock:


  • Striker
  • Sunbreaker


  • Voidwalker
  • Stormcaller


  • Nighstalker
  • Gunslinger

So get on with it, and start exploring. Remember this sub-class unlocks is not related to the story mission and appears to be random for now. If you need help with anything else, either check out the links below, or let us know in the comments.




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