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With hardware becoming outdated the moment it is revealed we are perennially faced by the dilemma of choosing a gadget or any electronic item. In terms of gaming, there is no less dilemma. A lot of people are confused between Xbox One, PS4 and a PC. Provided that you will be choosing PC as a primary gaming system, there will be exponentially more problems and dilemmas you’ll have to face, which makes building a PC, a very tedious job. And after all that work, unlike a console, you’ll have to worry about the lifetime of a PC.


Just like other gadgets, the life of a PC depends on what you expect of your PC. Suppose you buy a PC worth INR 60,000. It runs all the recent games on Ultra 60 fps. Now, in another two years, it may not be able to do so. You may get High 40-50 fps. But if you are happy with that, your PC will last longer than a console generation. It’s not like your PC will not be able to run anything after 5-6 years. I have an AMD HD7770, and I’m able to play at 1366*768 High 35-45 fps, till date. Concisely, if you are building a PC to last a whole console generation and are expecting it to perform the same for all the games, you may get disappointed. But that does not mean, you’ll not be able to enjoy the game. Special Note:

As a gamer you are not defined by the settings you play at, rather it is either your passion for games or your skills as a gamer that defines you.

If you are the kind of person who likes to stay on top of technology or does not want anything other than all the settings pushed up to the extreme right of the screen (Generally), you would always have to worry about your parts getting outdated. In this case, I would recommend you to go slightly out of your budget, select better parts and later down the line, in a year or two, sell some of your parts to get new ones. I’ll be emphasizing on selling the parts of your PC and not the whole PC itself, reason being that a PC can be built according to your preferences that’s the beauty of it. You can change the GPU 1-2 years down the line, a processor about 4 years down the line, RAM maybe 6-8 years down the line and so on. I agree that there is recurring cost, but then again you are getting better performance out of that.


That being said, we have given you the basics of what you’d actually expect out of your PC. Questions are always welcome. Also we’d like to know what rigs you have and till when are you expecting your rig to last. Let us know in the comments below. Charlie out.

  1. I have the DeskStar Rev 2.0 and expect to update in a couple more years. 65gb RAM, Quad SLI TITAN’s (OG), X79 MOBO, 3970X @ 4.5ghz. Bought it all brand new the day most of the equipment dropped.
    Have a build log on overclock.net.

  2. One thing also with my build is that I’ve got the liquid cooling and case already, so those things need not be factored into cost of a future build. Liquid cooling alone is an expensive endeavor, but well worth the payoff if done properly.

    1. Agreed. Liquid cooling is a one off price. But when you upgrade, say your motherboard for some reason or your processor. How difficult is it to detach the liquid cooling and put it back on.

      1. With proper planning from the beginning I have personally made it much easier for an upgrade to be done to the system. I have two sets of quick disconnects that are inline from the cooling system to the motherboard. I can just disconnect those and the power cables from everything and my motherboard and tray slide right out.

        As per the actual water blocks on all of the components those will be replaced upon the purchase of newer hardware.

        I personally could not have happier with this build.

          1. In all honesty I think I might have had some help from some people on Overclock.net. Other than that, that was it. I thought up the cooling system (loop) myself and made all of the “hard” mods to the case in order to accommodate everything. Most (%80) was done on the fly as parts came in and ideals changed. One thing with liquid cooling….just think of the loop and how it needs to get from point A through every other point to get back to that same starting point. And in doing so properly with the least amount of restriction you will have a successful liquid cooling loop.
            Millions and millions of open ended possibilities with cooling potential when considering liquid. Just need to have a set of ideals and an ultimate goal and one should have a blast building their dream machine….. I know I did!!
            That is one thing I like about building computers….especially monster builds because they are all different and all require their own touch/finesse.

          2. I might have the time after I complete a few projects around the house. I’m have to make sure I get to it as soon as possible.

          3. Currently in the process of sending off two of my three 1.5kw PSU’s as one of them is failing…… Just as the dust was theoretically settling around here….!

            Only shit of it is is that my system I’d built around the PSU’s and their cable management, so I’ll be taking most of my system apart just to get to the power supplies. 2 1/2-3yrs into their 10 year warranty and I hope this is the only issue to ever arise…

          4. And I do not want to come off harsh in any way, so please do not think of it like that and take offense when I say that there is a certain level of “common sense” required when attempting to tackle a huge deal of a system like mine.
            Plan….plan……plan…….and then……plan some more.

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