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Beside the MIDA multi tool, the gun that you would hear the most about is Rat King. An exotic sidearm, which promises increased damage depending on the number of players who have the gun equipped.

Funnily its not the base damage of the gun which increases. But the gun does get some perks depending upon the members who have the Rat King equipped at these times. VG 24/7 discusses the various buffs that a fireteam can get when using the Rat King, but nevertheless, the Rat King remains one of the few exotics which we believe has one of the most varied quest in Destiny 2 right now.


It’s important to note that from step 2, you always need to be in a fireteam, who are also on the same step of the Rat King quest as you. Its an important factor and hence might needs some co-ordination.

  1. Hit the level 20 cap and finish the campaign. Then head to Titan and pick up the ‘Enemy of My Enemy’ quest. Its a sequence of 3 missions and once completed, will add the Rat King quest line to your inventory.
  2. The quest line unfolds in a series of Riddles, the first one is:
    The Rat King’s Crew
    Runs to and fro
    Good girls and boys
    Know where to go
    Pick up your toys and darn your socks
    On errands of woe, on errands we walk

    This has you completing 3 patrol missions on any planet with atleast a fireteam of 2 players. With each player on the same Rat King mission/riddle.

  3. The next riddle goes something like this:
    The Rat King’s Crew
    Goes arm in arm
    To fight as one
    To do no harm
    So have your fun and run outside
    Rally the flag and we’ll never die

    This one needs you to complete two public events on any planet. Once again, needs a fireteam of atleast 2 people with each one on the same riddle of the rat king quest.

  4. The third riddle is easier, and goes:
    The Rat King’s Crew
    Goes four and four
    With good good fights
    They learn to score
    Then three as one they stand upright
    Return from past the wall and wanting more

    This one has you playing the Crucible. Win or lose you need 2 matches under your belt, and you should be done. Remember this needs a fireteam with atleast one more person equipped with the Rat King quest on the same riddle.

  5. The final riddle is the easiest to solve but also the toughest to execute:
    The Rat King’s Crew
    Stands three as one
    They see Night’s fall
    And fear it none
    But watch the clock as you scale the wall
    Lest five remain hope comes for none

    This one has you finishing a STRIKE. On NIGHTFALL. WITH 5 MINUTES to spare. WITH a FIRETEAM where all other members have the RAT King quest line. Since Nightfall requires three players, so you’ll need a full trio to play. Complete this stage, though, and the beautifully ornate Rat King sidearm will be yours.

What do you think of the hoops one has to go through for the RAT KING. Do you think its worth it? If you have already got it, was it tough? Let us know all this and more in the comments.

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