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With the announcement of the next gen RTX GPUs, every retailer has slashed prices on their stocks of current gen GPUs. And with the mining craze finally over, obtaining a GPU at a decent price is finally possible. If you’re in desperate need of an upgrade, there are tons of deals to help get you value for your money. This includes a new promotion from GALAX India, who are giving away 25$ Steam USD codes with every GTX 1070 and GTX 1070Ti purchase.

The offer is valid only in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Australia, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia and when you buy from official GALAX sellers. After you purchase the GPU, head over here to redeem your $25 USD code.

For anyone who can’t wait for next-gen GPUs, this is an offer which you cannot refuse. You get a GPU, and some additional Steam balance for getting some decent games for testing your GPU too.


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