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If you’re a strategy lover, but feel slightly out of place with the lack of strategy games in the recent years, then look no further! Paradox Interactive have quite some strategy titles to their name, which also involve simulation games. The best solution is to return to the roots of strategy, in titles like Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and the like.

Humble Bundle’s Paradox Bundle has Paradox titles arranged in a neat manner in a three tiered structure, just like every other Humble Bundle. The games offered in the bundle include :

Pay $1 or more to receive Cities in Motion 2, Magicka 2, and Majesty 2 collection. Magicka 2 is an adventure game with strategy elements, where you battle by mixing the powers of the elements against a variety of enemies. Cities in Motion 2 is about managing the transport options of a prebuilt city, and optimizing the flow of transport as and when required, while Majesty 2 is a strategy simulation. Pretty good for $1.

Pay $7.22 (at the time of writing) or more to receive Crusader Kings II, Pillars of Eternity, Hearts of Iron III complete and Europa Universalis III complete. The variable tier (which varies as the average of the amount paid by people for this tier) generally features some of the best games in the bundle, and this bundle is no different. All the games here, except Pillars of Eternity,are hardcore strategy games at core. Turn based games,where you decide the fate of Europe throughout different ages – the age of the Religious Crusades in Crusader Kings II, the age of World War II in Hearts of Iron III, and from the age of Enlightenment down to the age of Imperialism in Europa Universalis III. Pillars of Eternity is an RPG like no other, offering turn based combat. You also get the games in the first tier mentioned above.

Pay $12 or more to get Stellaris. Needless to say, and hardly needs an introduction, Stellaris is one of the most involving 4X turn-based strategy games in space. And the one with the most content. An active developer also means frequent updates and balance changes! Besides Stellaris,you get to keep all the games in the tiers mentioned above.

One of the better Humble Bundles out there! Interested people can buy the bundle here.

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