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EDIT: The leak has been confirmed to be fake by Sony in an exclusive interview with Famitsu. For now, let’s get back to our armchairs debating the exact release date of the next-gen consoles and fighting over which platform is the best.

The gaming industry has been torn apart by leaks since the last month. We have now seen the entire story of The Last of Us 2 leak out, along with gameplay footage of the same. We have also known about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – its story and setting – well before the game came out. More recently, we even saw leaks about a remaster of the Mafia series. What seems to be the best leak of all, is an actual release date of Sony’s upcoming next-gen console – the PlayStation 5.

A job posting on a recruitment portal has officially marked the release date for the PlayStation 5 to be in October 2020. While the exact date isn’t mentioned – this might definitely be something to go on for now, especially if you are waiting to empty your savings for the new console. The listing was for a manager in the procurement of parts for the production of PlayStation 5 consoles, ‘scheduled to release in October 2020’.

The job listing mentions the release date for the PlayStation 5 console as October 2020.

Note that this might only be a placeholder date for the release as of now. COVID-19 might be responsible for further delays in the actual release – going up to Q1 2021.

Sony’s State of Play suddenly seems a lot more interesting to watch.

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