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Battlestate Games studio will participate in the GamesCom 2017 conference, where they are planning to introduce new game mechanics for their online Escape from Tarkov project, such as the quests and tasks system, as well as new abilities in weapon handling.

The quest system is largely based on various tasks that are handed out to player by traders. By solving these tasks, the player improves reputation with the traders, unlocks new quests, receives experience and rewards. Step by step, performing one quest after another, player dives deeper into the world of EFT, gains understanding of the laws it lives by, and gradually learns more about what’s happening in the city, studies the motivations of the traders, evaluates them and chooses sides which seem the most natural and closest to the character. Some of the quests impose penalties and/or restrictions on the time of completion, some may dramatically harm relations with other traders. The nature of tasks can be different: search for item, search for specific spots, trading tasks, tasks related to interaction with other traders, target neutralization jobs, radio beacon and jamming devices installations, etc.

The quest system will become the first major addition to Escape from Tarkov since the beginning of the Closed Beta Testing stage in early August, and it is one of the most anticipated game components.

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