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There have been countless rumors in the last few painful weeks of lockdown floating about the gaming industry. One of the more prominent and believable ones include the fact that Mafia is being remastered. Leaks have suggested that all the Mafia games are being remastered. As of late, the rumors suggesting a Mafia 2 remaster have become stronger, with each leak sounding more believable than the one before. However, a few leaks have been noticed which suggest beyond doubt that the remaster is real (and is coming really soon).

The official digital rating for Mafia 2 has been changed in Brazil. It has been updated to show the platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Google Stadia. Considering the fact that these platforms didn’t exist in 2010 when the game was originally released, there’s no doubt that a remaster is in the works. The game has been given a rating of 18+ – considering the nudity in the forms of Playboy magazines and suggestive themes as well as the murder and violence depicted in the game.

The digital rating of Mafia 2 reads M for mature.

Recently, the official Twitter handle for the series has come back to life too. It has recorded two tweets in these two days with the latest one being recorded earlier today. One reads ‘Family’, while the other reads ‘Power’, two words used to indicate the themes that resonate of loyalty and strength throughout the Mafia franchise.

Earlier this year, the Korean and Taiwan ratings had been updated to reflect the new platforms too. Moreover, there have been anonymous, slightly more untrustworthy leaks being thrown around anywhere and everywhere, especially on Reddit. However, this leak confirms without a doubt that a Mafia 2 remaster is in production, and an announcement is likely coming very soon.

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