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It’s no secret that quite a few game remasters are on the way. A Saints Row: The Third remaster was leaked, and subsequently announced by Deep Silver. It’s no secret that remasters for the Mafia games are also in production – quite a few leaks point to the same. While a Mafia remaster was confirmed to be in production, it is news to know that a Mafia 2 definitive edition is also in production. A listing from a Korean retailer has officially confirmed this.

The game launch screen for Mafia 2 definitive edition has been leaked. While designs might change throughout the process of development, – this is proof that a remaster for Mafia 2 is in production, and is scheduled to be announced soon.

Menu screen leak confirms Mafia 2 definitive edition is in production

There are other leaks that suggest that Mafia 2 definitive edition will not have extra content to toy with. The remaster only seems to be restricted to the game’s graphics. There are also suggestions that a Nintendo Switch version for the game is in production.

The game is also rumored to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a period of 6 months, besides being digital-only for a period of 1 month. The official release date for the game is rumored to be in September on the Epic Games Store, following a physical release in October.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt till an official reveal comes through.

  1. This has to be a shitty photoshop job by a random online troll or just a shitty photoshop by a 2K developer ­čśé.

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