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Indie video game publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Interactive Fate have released today the newest update for their award-winning roguelike Shortest Trip to Earth. And it is massive!

Players will enjoy a huge assortment of new content, as well as significant UI/UX improvements and bug and balance fixes – all powered by feedback from the community through Steam’s Early Access program.

The update introduces…

  • A new ship, the Pumpkin Hammer!
  • The option to (spiritually or otherwise) commemorate lost crewmembers and contemplate meaning of life (or enjoy sensual hedonism) while you’re at it
  • Many new narrative paths and a new (minor) game ending to be encountered
  • New game mechanics for gardens, shields and overloaded modules
  • Many new ship weapons & modules, including an arsenal of EMP-guns
  • Many new single-shot Nukes (bringing their total number to 21+)
  • A new epic boss fight, awaiting players in Sector 4

Lead Game Designer & Interactive Fate CEO Edvin Aedma commented:

“We’ve introduced significant stability/UX upgrades over the past months. This allowed us to start working on some of the most interesting unannounced features… first of which can be seen in this update.”

Shortest Trip to Earth is available in Early Access now on Steam, with a full release coming Summer 2019.

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