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The Last of Us has been a phenomenal gameplay experience on the PS4. The nitty-gritty details of a post-apocalyptic world were expressed in the best way possible by Naughty Dog. Needless to say, The Last of Us 2 has a lot of people excited for it – making industry insiders ramp up their efforts with leaks to keep up the hype. We’ve already seen a possible release date leak for The Last of Us 2 – now it seems that the entire plot of the game has been leaked.

The leak comes from 4chan, which has summarized the entire plot for the game. Needless to say, the main plot revolves around Ellie, who is the game’s protagonist. She meets two people – Dina and Jesse – both of whom have been showcased in the E3 2018 trailer.

4chan has leaked the entire story for The Last of Us 2.

The trailer also focuses on Dina (who is bisexual by nature) having a dance with Ellie. The leak suggests that Dina’s death at the hands of a religious group called the Seraphites deeply hurts Ellie, who vows to take revenge (seen in the first reveal trailer for the game). The Seraphites are a religious sect who are strictly against gay relationships (Perhaps to repopulate the world again? The motives haven’t clearly been mentioned in the leak) consisting mostly of white men and white women. The leak also mentions that both Joel and Jesse are going to die in the game. Considering the time players spent with Joel in the first game – this news would definitely be hard to swallow. The game also features quite a few steamy scenes, especially between Ellie and Dina, and also between Ellie and an unknown Seraphite female.

The Last of Us 2 plot details have been leaked online on 4chan.

The leaks also tell Ellie’s origin story – how she was separated from her mother (named Anna) for keeping her away from Marlene and the Seraphites. There also were rumors about the search for “immunity” from the infection – something which was common among all of the Seraphites.

The leaks do sound promising, and they are sure to increase the hype for the game. Despite that, be a little cautious in believing them till you actually get to play the game.

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