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The Summer Games Fest has kept us busy for quite some time. It has promised to be an equivalent for all major gaming events, including E3 and Gamescom, which have been canceled due to COVID-19. A digital-only event had its own technical challenges – which was only made worse by the numerous leaks which destroyed hype about titles before they were announced. Sony had seen one of the most devastating leaks in recent times – the entire story, as well as gameplay footage from the Last of Us 2, had been leaked. Another leak now points towards the reveal of another first-party title, though the name hasn’t been mentioned.

The leak basically points at a first-party game that was scheduled to have been revealed during Sony’s State of Play (or sometime before that) in June. Which first-party game did you ask? We have no idea either. There’s only this cryptic image to go on.

Despite Sony being tight-lipped, leaks are coming out frequently about their first-party studios.

The image doesn’t explicitly point at any game in particular. Rumors are floating that it is supposed to point towards a remaster of God of War 2, because of the supposed ice being shown (a supposed reference to the setting). There are people who also think that it might point towards Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and its post-apocalyptic theme. The only thing that’s slightly specific in this leak is the month – which is June (30 days isn’t specific either).

Sony has been maintaining the silence for quite some time – probably focusing on sealing all digital breaches before other leaks go through.

Like all rumors, take this with a bunch of salt till an official confirmation comes through.

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