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There have been quite a few leaks in recent times. It seems that industry insiders have decided to throw all caution to the wind and use the lockdown as “leakdown” instead. Both individual games, as well as the pattern of the upcoming digital events, have had prominent leaks to their name. The Last of Us 2 hasn’t been spared from this fate either. It has been rumored that the game’s release date has been delayed to the last week of June because of COVID-19. What seemed more prominent was the leak of the plot for the game, which was discredited for lack of evidence (and the fact that it was a 4chan leak). The plot leak might be more true than we would have thought – as suggested by a new leak.

The older leaks were easy to discredit because they were mostly based on hearsay without any concrete proof of any kind. Reddit was quick to discredit the plot leak as “fan-made” because it didn’t play along with the plot of the first game. A new leak shows off a cutscene in the game where Ellie is getting frisky with Dina. [NOTE: Please avoid watching the video if you don’t want spoilers].


The cutscene “cuts off” as Jesse comes in without asking, and is surprised to see Ellie and Dina in their underwear, quickly trying to get dressed. The earlier leak has mentioned that The Last of Us 2 was packed with quite a few steamy scenes, and this leak only seems to solidify the belief that there’s more truth to the previous leak than meets the eye (although some parts may have been made up).

Reddit user u/FearlessTemperature9 was the first to point out the leak. He admittedly also has a clip showing off some gameplay, though it seems Reddit was prompt in removing it because of a copyright claim. Moreover, this is a video leak, further increasing its credibility.

We will be following up by posting the other clips if we manage to hear back from u/FearlessTemperature9.

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