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Fallout is back to test the post-holocaust MMO waters once again with FOnline3

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Fallout 76, the first official plan to take the long-running RPG series online may have been a dud but that little do people know that the Fallout community has taken the series to the online realms long before. Fallout 2, the best in the series has been experimented on a lot, to make it into a massive underground MMO. FOnline: The Life After, FOnline: 2238, Fonline: Reloaded, FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix, FOnline 2, were all community-fueled MMOs that tried to breath new life into the 20-year-old original classics (some successful, some not)

The latest Fallout 2 MMO project is called FOnline 3, made once again, in the FOnline Engine that supported the other online games. Like in other FOnline games the goal here is to survive and gather much as possible. But in FOnline 3, roleplay fight between faction will take the center stage as Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR and Vault City will fight for domination in the wasteland. In the words of the developers, compared to older entries, it has “less griding, more playing.” 

Watch the official trailer below:

The game will be made available soon and it is recommended that you own a copy of Fallout 2 before downloading it.

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