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PlayStation Studios was formed by Sony to spearhead the development of first-party and third-party games for the PlayStation ecosystem. However, with time, certain games which were rumored to be a PlayStation exclusive “forever” have made their way onto the PC – an unexpected move on Sony’s part. The latest title to reach the shelves of Steam is Days Gone – a first-party exclusive from 2019 which made its way into the PC this spring. A new leak suggests that more PlayStation exclusives would be making their way into the PC soon.

A 4chan “leak” shows off a poster that suggests that PlayStation Studios might be collaborating with Steam for the release of exclusives. An interview with Jim Ryan, head of marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed that Sony has “multiple exclusives lined up to come to the PC” – something which the leak points at.

PlayStation Studios likely to collaborate with Steam for bringing PlayStation exclusives to the PC.

The leak also mentions that the collaboration will start from July 20 – allowing players to play existing exclusives on the PC. It seems most likely that PS4-era first-party exclusives would make it to the PC following the date of the announcement. It is worthy to note that at this current time, there is a PlayStation Studios publisher page on Steam – something which adds more fuel to the fire.

Note that there still is no ground to believe the leak to be true, and it might as well be a wild goose chase in itself.

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