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Sony has been staying tight-lipped for preventing any sort of leaks. They had put in quite some effort to investigate the breach in the server because of which The Last of Us 2 gameplay clips could be leaked. Following that, there have been ‘signs’, but no clear indication of the nature of reveals scheduled for the special PlayStation digital event. The digital event was planned especially to show off the new PlayStation 5 console as well as a collection of brand new next-gen games. Despite Sony’s best efforts, leaks have continued unabated – this time coming directly from Sony’s own website.

The Playstation Netherlands website lists the release date of the PlayStation 5 as ‘Fall 2020’. This is considerably in contrast to the release date stated earlier as “Holiday 2020”, which estimates the release to be around December of this year and January of the next. A rough estimate can put the release to be in October or November if the leaks are true.

The estimated release date for the Playstation 5 is written as "Najaar 2020",or "Fall 2020".

If the rumor is indeed true, it means that next-gen is indeed knocking at the door. However, it might feel boring to be playing only last-gen games on it, before unleashing the true potential of the next-gen consoles.

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