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ACT 3 is right around the corner, and it is about time Valorant built some hype for it! As expected, we have a coded teaser with different translations and meanings, teasing the next character for ACT 3.

The teaser mostly contains Russian texts along with Turkish and Arabic words. While the Russian text was translated as – ‘WEAPON FOR(Middle Text), ‘FORGET(Bottom Left) ‘THERE’S’ (Bottom Right), ‘IT IS COLD’ (Top Left), and ‘3A’ (ACT 3). The Arabic text was a bit hard for us to translate however we think it may translate to “Bring a Coat”. The background is an image of mountains and gives us one more clue to what we think about the agent. In our guess for decoding the image, we think the new agent is Russian or Turkish. With the translation of “Bring a Coat” and mountains, we can also assume the character is situated from a colder region and wears a coat as the outfit. While all these clues also give a hint to the character being Sova itself, it is not the first time Riot Games has posted a similar message about Valorant just for fun. Let us know what do you think about the image, and also check out our coverage of how riot teased its Mumbai and middle east servers.

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