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The acrobatic vehicular soccer game, Rocket League has gone free to play on the Epic Games Store. The game has been delisted from being purchased on Steam, but owners of the game will still receive all future games and updates. Steam owners will have to connect to an Epic account once they launch the game. PlayStation Plus on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Online will no longer be required for online play on those platforms, but Xbox users will still Xbox Live Gold to play online. The new Season 1 starts over the competitive madness from scratch – with a new Rocket Pass to boot, new content, revamped tournaments and changes to drops and achievements.

A new event called Llama-Rama is bringing Fortnite and Rocket League together. This epic crossover event (pun unintended), will kick off on September 26, with Rocket League’s fan-favourite  DJ Slushii debuting his new single at the Party Royale Spotlight Series concert. Players will be able to earn exciting cosmetic rewards if they choose to participate in the challenges designed for this event.

If you claim the game on the Epic Games Store within October 23, Epic will gift you a $10 coupon to spend on the store. You can use this coupon on any game priced at or above $14.99, but it is not applicable on pre-purchases and in-game purchases (like V-bucks).

Back in May 2019, Epic had acquired Psyonix, the devs behind this massively popular game. It was the first game to kickstart the cross-network play phenomenon that gamers expect from all multiplatform multiplayer games nowadays. Epic has been trying to pull gamers to their own platform by offering them incentives like free games every week (Grand Theft Auto V, A Total War Saga: Troy), discount coupon drops and timed-exclusive deals (Metro Exodus). They have also come a long way since their barebones launch in December 2018, and have added mod support and achievements for certain games, regional pricing and upcoming regional currency support, and a regularly updated roadmap for development. Despite of their recent skirmish with Apple which resulted in the removal of Fortnite from the iOS store, we should keep in mind that Epic does look like an unstoppable juggernaut! Back in July 2020, Sony invested $250 mn in Epic Games for a minority 1.4% stake.

With rumours circulating that Rocket League might be coming to mobile devices too in the near future, we see a long and exciting future ahead of this game! Do you play this game, or are you interested in getting into it now that it has gone F2P? Tell us in the comments below!

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