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Fortnite has been Removed from iOS Store after Epic decided to revolt against the in-app charges. Fortnite has launched the #FreeFortnite movement and filed legal papers against Apple.


Apple has been putting up a scene against gaming for some time. First, apple denied xCloud to be put up on iOS because the catalog of Xbox Game Pass cannot be reviewed every time a new game comes out. And today, Apple has removed Fortnite because it violated the terms of in-app payments. What Epic did was, it introduced a permanent 20% discounted price to buy Vbucks (in-game currency). This discount is however only for a specific type of payment, where you pay to Epic Games directly. The reason behind this form of payment was to prevent the monopoly of the App Store where they charge 30% of every in-app purchase. The removal of Fortnite from IOS devices has resulted in Fortnite being removed from billions of devices all over the world.

Following this, Epic Games has revolted against Apple and launched a new hashtag – #FreeFortnite. This came after Epic filed legal papers against Apple. Fortnite also screened in its Party Royale Screen, a short movie titled Nineteen Eighty which was based on a play on George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. A similar video was released by Apple themselves before the release of Macintosh.

The game is still available on Mac Computers, but will not be receiving any further updates on iOS devices. The community of mobile gamers may be small but it still generates millions of dollars of revenue. Fortnite itself is asking gamers to come up and support the movement and voice their opinion against the monopoly of apple and support #FreeFortnite.

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