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Ennui Studio announced that Tyr: Chains of Valhalla, the fast, frantic and hard AF platformer releases today on digital stores. For PlayStation 4 is available for America and Europe, while in PC is released worldwide.
From the creative minds at acclaimed development studio, Ennui Studio, Tyr: Chains of Valhalla is a 2.5D platformer that is as fun to watch as it’s to play. Each level completed or untimely death brings a new uniquely skilled hero into the action and, with just 60 minutes to complete your mission, players will need every second and power-up to stop the destardly L.Oki from destroying the realm as we known!
Tyr: Chains of Valhalla Key Features:
– This full game version is suitable for subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.
– Play as a unique and original character, with his own skills and abilities that may help – or hinder! – the player.
– Choose wisely about which power-up, skill or element you will be using.
– Try to complete each level, each with its own unique boss encounter.
– Multiple game modes including: Solo Mode – Make your way through the city of Midgard to revenge the death of your father and save the realm as we know it; New Game + – Continue your path to improve your skill until you become a god; Boss Rush – Do you think you are strong enough to defeat all bosses at once? Think twice…
– Don’t forget to look around every corner, there’s always a thing to reach…
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