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Mathijs De Jonge (Game Director at Guerrilla Games) tonight revealed new details about the upcoming and hotly anticipated Playstation 5 title Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the acclaimed open-world game Horizon Zero Dawn.

This open-world action RPG, a sequel to the 2017 PS4 hit Horizon: Zero Dawn, is set in the post-post-apocalyptic future and launches in 2021. Aloy will explore mysterious new frontiers that span from Utah to the Pacific Ocean in the west while crossing stunning valleys, vast deserts, ruined cities, and iconic landmarks. 

The PS5 SSD enables the developers to make the world, now wider and bigger, more detailed, vibrant, and immersive. You will even be able to explore shores, swamps, and waterways as well as underwater pathways. 

Here are some of Guerrilla’s post-apocalyptic take on some real-world landmarks:

horizon forbidden west

Here are some of the new machines that will appear in the much-awaited sequel:

  • Shell Snapper (Tortoise/Turtle)

Horizon Forbidden West

  • Snap Maw (Crocodile/Alligator)

  • Sun Wing (Pterodactyl)

  • Tremor Tusk (Mammoth/Elephant)

New tribes will be making an entry – some peaceful, others hostile. In the course of your journey, you will have to fight collapsing biospheres like the red blight which is choking plant life and terrible weather changes which lead to super storms that flood canyons and fields. We presume, a lot of this game, just like the last, will involve helping the tribes survive these cataclysmic events.

Actor Lance Reddick (of Fringe fame) reprises his role as Sylens in the sequel and might be a key factor in helping a new tribe gain the knowledge to override machines and use them as beasts of war.

Does the presence of the holographic dragon from the trailer mean that Aloy might cross the ocean to China? Well, we can only dream.

Horizon Forbidden West will be coming exclusively to the PS5 in 2021!

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