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Grand Theft Auto V can now be redeemed for free on Epic Games Store. Be warned that the servers are facing heavy load due to everyone and their mother logging in right now. Stay calm and redeem your free game!

Grand theft auto v

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UPDATE: GTA V being the freebie is pretty much confirmed at this point thanks to this now-deleted tweet:


We’ve been seeing some pretty big teasers that something big is coming to the Epic Game Store. The main handle for the Epic Games Store had tweeted a picture of a “free game”, indicating that a big game is going to be made “free” on the Epic Games Store next.

There have been quite a few discussions as to what game this will be. However, it is only recently that rumors have started that going afloat that the next game to be free is none other than Rockstar’s cult hit Grand Theft Auto 5. According to the rumor, the game’s premium edition will be made free on the Epic Games Store, which offers extra digital content for Grand Theft Auto Online – including extra VBucks,..err…, GTA dollars. The promotion will run from May 14 to May 21, allowing players exactly one week to add the game to their Epic account. Like all Epic freebies, once redeemed, the game is available to be played forever.

The leak has come from a very “trustworthy” industry insider. The likely reason for the game being made free might be for Grand Theft Auto 6 already being in its final stages of development. Grand Theft Auto 5 had a long and fruitful run, selling nearly 120 million copies worldwide since launch. It is only worthy to shift the hype to the new Grand Theft Auto (or less fruitfully, Red Dead Online, which is still a mess).

Thanks, Gamepressure.

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