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The Grand Theft Auto series is one of Rockstar’s best selling franchises. Grand Theft Auto 5 had sold over 120 million copies and racked in quite an amount of money. People have been eagerly waiting for a new entry in the franchise, though Rockstar hasn’t responded in a positive manner about that in the past. However, the biggest reveal was a report from Kotaku that suggests that the Rockstar Games is indeed working on Grand Theft Auto 6. A few leaks have come up which suggest the same but contest the current stage of development of the new game.

Two conflicting opinions have come up as leaks, contesting the Kotaku report. Former Rockstar Games insider Yan2295 mentions that he does not believe that the game is in its early phases of development. He also mentions that the game is more likely to be in its early stages of testing rather than in its early stages of development.

Yan’s claim is supported by leaker tezfun2, who has been associated with quite a few credible leaks in the past (including those of Red Dead Redemption 2). Tez has officially stated both on his Twitter wall and on the GTAForums that Kotaku’s report is in conflict with what he had been hearing. According to his sources, the game is “nearly 60% to 70% done”.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is likely "60% to 70% done", according to leaker tezfun2.

Kotaku’s report had been compiled by none other than Jason Schreier himself. Jason has been known for being an extremely credible source of leaks because of his extensive contacts with the industry. Both Yan’s and Tez’s statements contradict Jason’s information that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in its “early phases of development”.

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