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Holy Shit! What the F**k!!” This would probably be your reaction when you saw what these guys are making in Minecraft.

N11ck, a YouTube user, along with his team were making a 1:1 recreation of GTA V’s entire map in Minecraft (I’m not drunk, its damn true!). They called this massive project as ‘GTA V In Minecraft‘ which already takes an year to reach them at this point.

As you may seen above, the CINEMATIC created by him for ‘GTA V In Minecraft‘ – shows the downtown Los Santos, which looks like the best recreation ever made in this block-by-block game. We’ve seen people creating awesome things in Minecraft such as Game of Thrones’ Red Keep, a working smartphone, great mansions and whatnot, but this one is truly epic. And at the end of this project, it’ll be a 7,500 × 7,500 blocks creation as said by N11ck.

If you ask me what’s my greatest achievement in Minecraft so far, it’ll nothing more than a 3-floor house with a cute garden in front of it (ya… you can laugh at me). But when I saw things like this, it’ll not only make me shocked but also make me to wonder ‘How much more can people give their efforts’ to make creation like this. To be honest, their efforts worth checking out as this guys done a jaw-dropping job.

HATS OFF to these guys.

So if you’ve stopped laughing at me why don’t you tell me what’s your best creation in Minecraft in the comments below.

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