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The mobile is the hottest gaming platform as of today. There are tons of new developers making the jump to mobile to bring their games to a more diverse audience. Mobile games offer a new stream of revenue from customers who want to drop money optionally from time to time on microtransactions. It seems that a good many games will be getting mobile ports in the future following the big success of PUBG Mobile in the market – something which many companies want to capitalize on. The greed of microtransaction money is enough to tempt even developers like Psyonix to port Rocket League for the mobile, even if it means overcoming numerous technical difficulties in the process.

It is no secret to all that there is a legal battle going on between Epic Games and Apple over the revenue sharing process for using the App Store. Epic Games’ court filing mentions a number of ‘Epic-exclusive’ developers who own developer accounts on the App Store. Apparently Psyonix does own an App Store developer account, even though they haven’t published any games on the App Store as of yet. This might mean that Psyonix has aspirations to publish to the App Store in the future, provided there is a settlement in the legal battle.

Psyonix likely to port Rocket League to the App Store soon?

Note that there hasn’t been any official statement from Psyonix regarding this. A well-educated guess is an announcement for the same will happen following Rocket League going free-to-play. Take the rumor with a pinch of salt until an announcement comes through.

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