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Blizzard Entertainment had announced the Starcraft HD remaster when people least expected it. Is it officially another remaster? Blizzard has allocated a new Public Test Realm (PTR) server for WarCraft 3 in order to allow players to test multiplayer changes.

While WarCraft 3 is technically old, and it’s about time for a HD remaster, with balancing changes, it looks like a place where players can test the changes in units themselves and adopt different strategies. There is possibility of a HD remaster of WarCraft 3 itself, or for testing the game mechanics for improving them further in the next game, WarCraft 4.

It is to be noted that despite low player count, many old games receive patches frequently. However, this announcement from Blizzard falls in line with the WarCraft 4 maps which are accessible in StarCraft 2, or it could signal a possible remaster for WarCraft 3 coming our way. (about time too!)

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