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The Epic Games Store is stepping up its game this summer, by bringing the heat to Steam and GOG! The store has been playing catch up with its competitors for quite some time – it has now successfully added another feature to its platform: mod support. The first title that this beta feature is being implemented in is MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. Epic’s mod support – after a short update – will work in a similar manner to the Steam Workshop that easily allows players to install and manage mods from their locally installed store client. From the look of it, just like its storefront, the mod section will also be heavily curated. In an official news post, Piranha Games, developer of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, mentioned 6 community-made mods that they were really excited about!

MechWarrior 5

An early version of an achievements system has also been added to Ark: Survival Evolved. The official announcement by Epic arrived on Twitter with a note saying that this is an early feature version, and is expected to change, possibly on user feedback.  According to their public store roadmap on Trello, the next updates will be a trending section on the storefront, add-on discovery and price-adjusting bundles. Support for additional currencies and payment methods, gifting, user reviews, and a shopping cart is also listed for future development.

In a June press release, Epic had revealed that they have over 61 million monthly active users on PC, with an average peak concurrent user strength of 13 million. Epic has been bringing in a lot of gamers to the platform, thanks to its Battle Royale juggernaut Fortnite and the regular onslaught of free game giveaways that range from popular AAAs like Grand Theft Auto V and Civilization VI to indie darlings like Abzu and Celeste. With Steam’s reach of 100 million users and a concurrent peak of 24.5 million, Epic seems to have been doing really well considering that it was launched in December 2018. In June 2012, Tencent had acquired around 40% of total Epic for $330 million and with Sony recently investing $250 million in Epic Games for a 1.4% minority stake, the PC game store competition is only going to get tougher and at Gameffine, we believe that a little bit of competition is always good for everyone!

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