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The past few days have been a nostalgic wild ride for fans of boomer shooters. 3D Realms’ Realms Deep, the digital event exclusive for old school games presented us with various exciting retro shooter announcements from various indie studios around the world. We saw the announcements for new games like Graven, Hell Hunt, Fallen Aces, Brutal Fate, Viscerafest, and remasters for SiN, Crystal Caves, and Kingpin and a source port release for OG Rise of the Triad during the event.

But that was not all the show had to offer. During the last day of the event, 3D Realms, 1C Entertainment and Voidpoint presented us with the announcement for upcoming expansions for acclaimed FPS Ion Fury and Amid Evil. 

Amid Evil will be getting a new expansion titled The Black Labyrinth that will add new worlds, new enemies, and ‘insane new weapons’ to the already fantastic Heretic-inspired shooter by New Blood Interactive.

In the case of Ion Fury, the expansion is still untitled but that didn’t stop the developers from showcasing gameplay from it. The highlight of the expansion is a weaponized drivable motorcycle, expanded levels designed for the said motorcycle, and more ludicrous gibs! The expansion pack arrives in 2021.

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