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During Realms Deep 2023, 3D Realms announced that Ion Fury: Aftershock, the expansion pack for the acclaimed old-school first-person shooter Ion Fury from developer Voidpoint and publishers 3D Realms and Fulqrum Publishing, rips onto Steam for PC on Monday, Oct. 2, 2023

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Watch the release date trailer below:

After defeating Heskel in her previous adventure, Shelly Harrison decides to celebrate at a local bar. When explosions interrupt her tasty beverage, she rushes out to find Heskel in a monstrous flying machine, cackling madly as he rockets away toward a mushroom cloud on the horizon.

Instinctively, she reaches for her Loverboy revolver, cocks it, and searches for the fastest transportation she can find – a sleek and powerful high-speed Hover Bike, armed with Drunken Homing Plasma Missiles. Shelly’s fight against Heskel continues with multiple brand-new zones to explore, new dangerous enemies, new armaments to destroy them with, and some amazing high-speed vehicle combat.

Like classic expansions, Aftershock offers a brand new Arrange mode. Whether playing for the first time or revisiting Ion Fury, choose Arrange mode to experience the original game but now enhanced with new enemies, weapons and more.

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