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Server Matchmaking Preferences, Reduced Skill Disparity, and more changes are coming with Valorant’s ACT III!

Rank Disparity Reduced to 3

The developer diary released by Valorant earlier today had many interesting features announced with the launch of ACT 3 and was focused on the competitive standard of the game. The first discussion was about the reduced skill disparity matchmaking, during the competitive queue. For example, players of Gold 3 can queue with Silver 3, not Bronze 3 anymore, and similarly, they can queue with Platinum 3 and not more than that. Along with this, players can now have a preference for servers over their competitive matchmaking. This will be of greater importance to players in India who are sometimes matched with other servers, creating a 100 ping vs 16 ping disadvantage. This feature, however, does not guarantee the server of preference, but players will have more chances of being queued in that server. Starting from ACT 3, Immortal+ rank players will solely be based on wins, losses, and match outcomes. This will be worked and soon be applied to all the other ranks.

More features are being currently developed and aimed to be launched at Episode 2, early next year. Some plans of Episode 2 include Public Region-Based Matchmaking Leaderboards and Restricting queue of Immortal + Rank to Solo or Duo since these matchmakings are small and hard to make fair matches.

More changes and addition to the game are planned on a roadmap and will be announced on the way. You can check out the news for the upcoming agent for the ACT 3 here.

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