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A brand new map has been announced for 5v5 Competitive Shooter Valorant and it is called ICEBOX! Valorant currently has only 4 maps (Split, Bind, Haven and Ascent) and the addition of this new map would be a welcome change for players!

The map ICEBOX is set in the Tundra region with snow spread all over the map. Interesting visuals involving a dockyard and a battleship, ziplines, and sites can be seen in the trailer video. The map is highly anticipated by players all over the world, and it will come out with the launch of ACT III. The ACT II will end in 7 days from now and will be replaced by ACT III on October 13 or 14. The next ACT will bring a new map, competitive changes, and many more updates with the rumored launch of a new agent called ‘Stealth’ (not officially confirmed yet).

Check out our earlier Gameffine article about Valorant for in-depth knowledge about the upcoming competitive changes.

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