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Last month we got a look at the PC specs for the upcoming title from Remedy Entertainment, Control. Oddly, last week, newer specs were released that were lowered. Due to these lower PC requirements, many gamers began wondering whether the PC version was downgraded. Thankfully, Remedy states that the game has not been downgraded on PC platform.
Taking to the popular web forum ResetERA, Head of Communications at Remedy Entertainment Thomas Puha stated “No, its not downgraded” when asked about whether the game is downgraded after recent PC specs change. However, it remains a mystery why the studio has decided to scale back the requirements.
Control is set to release on August 27th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will use the Northlight Engine and will also benefit from the effects of ray tracing in real-time reflections, shadows and global illumination in the game.

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