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Valorant fans rejoice! Riot Games has finally revealed Valorant’ss new agent, a preview of the upcoming battle pass, and confirmation about the launch of Middle East servers.

ACT III will include both – the new map and the new agent. The map will be released with ACT III – however, the new agent will join Valorant’s server in the first patch ( 2 weeks later) after the release of ACT III. The new map ICEBOX, set in the Tundra region was revealed yesterday and you can read all about it here. Additionally, the map will be available to play on October 13 itself, however, it will only be included in the competitive roster on October 28.

As you can see in the image, the weapon set on the right side (Red), which includes the Vandal, Stinger, Spectre, Shorty, and a Knife (that looks like a Karambit) will be a part of the ACT III Battle Pass launching on October 13, along with other cosmetics including ‘Chilly McFreeze’, ‘Radianite Hazard’, Viper Sprays and much more.

The competitive changes include restricted rank disparity to 3 and other changes which you can read about here. The ACT III will also include the Singularity weapon bundle, which includes the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and a Knife. This set will be available for purchase in the item shop.

Alongside Middle East server, and the game will introduce more North American servers. Players will be given out a Dallah Weapon Buddy on October 28 as a celebration.

The Agent still remains, unannounced due to the delay in her launch. However, we have some rumored knowledge about the upcoming agent – ‘SKYE’. Her abilities are as follows.

  •  AOE heal, can’t self heal
  • Wolf drone that can be controlled and shot down
  • Sends out a Birb (bird) ability (like Sova recon bolt)
  •  Releases 3 wolves that chase enemies

Since the abilities are still rumors, expect changes to the character before the official launch.

For in-depth knowledge about the upcoming map Icebox, click here. 

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