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The Middle East or more specifically the Indian Servers have seen an enormous hype even before the official release of the game. But, moments ago players of Valorant in India saw 20-30 pings while checking in custom matches.

While an official name wasn’t present at the drop-down menu for the server selection, we can pretty much assume the servers are being tested for official release. Valorant’s official Arabian Twitter handle posted a tweet about the middle east servers hours ago and stated that “you’ll start noticing the low ping soon!”.  We received 29 ping in a deathmatch, and other Indian players in the same game received 15, 20, 40 pings, etc.

Middle East Valorant Ping

This seems to be a very good news to all the players across the country, we still hope Valorant announces Indian servers soon. No matter what comes next, we will keep you updated all about it!

  1. I live in the Middle East and My account region has been set as such. Yet I still get 100+ ping , and I suspect Im still being routed to the European server. I want to know what to do next..

    1. Hey, The Middle East Servers launches permanently with the ACT III, and we expect you to get 30-40 ping. In case you still face issues, we recommend you to reach out Valorant’s support and discuss your Account’s Region.

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