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CFK, a game developer and publisher in Korea brings you a game that started the life simulator genre, Princess Maker Refine to Steam.

A never approached concept of a game where you ‘Raise a Child’ has been brought to spotlight with a release of ‘Princess Maker’ back in the 1990s. Being a never seen concept, it attracted many gamers with its unique parenthood system and unique style of game play. Along with unique concept, the game consists of multiple ending, which gave incentive to replay the game for many hours. It received a such a high praise and gained numerous fans throughout the ages, and there are many of those who are replaying the very original game to recollect all the good memories.

In Princess Maker Refine, players have a freedom of choices on how to raise the child for eight years. Each choice they make will make impact on the outcome of what the child will grow up to as a woman. Raise your daughter to allow her to reach to her adulthood, and unveil what destiny waits for her in the future.

Princess Maker Refine has been reconstructed with full color graphic (from 16-bit color) to fit more to the modern game style. It is equipped with full Japanese voice-over for character dialogues, and updated sound and music quality. In addition to new updates, the game features full implementation of Steam Achievement and Trading Card system.

To commemorate the Steam Global release, CFK, the publisher is offering 10~40% discount for one week upon the release.

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