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E3 might have been canceled this year, but all developers promised to take their reveals online. Microsoft had rocked E3 for two years in a row – hosting fantastic reveals that made the audience go “Awwww!” Seems like Microsoft might be having a few extra surprises this year in store for all gamers. Part of the excitement is because Microsoft is going to showcase its next-gen Xbox console officially during this event – besides the game reveals (which always gets people excited).

Leaks this year suggest that Microsoft is going for two events instead of one. One event would be mostly a console showcase event, showing the specifications of the new Xbox console. The event would also have reveals for a few selected games and demos as well. The second event is the online expo for all for major game announcements. Both will be live-streamed online (likely on Mixer).

One of the major titles being showcased is Fable. In Fable, the world will use a new next-gen engine that will come with hand-crafted photogrammetry, fluid animations and a mix of procedural generation on a large scale. The game will feature a new “RPG system” and will have a focus on third-party fights. The game is rumored to release in 2022.

Another major title being showcased is Halo Infinite. While it has already been revealed that the game would be a next-gen game, Microsoft has been awfully quiet about the details. Halo Infinite features a huge open world that can be explored at will. The missions will be linear for the sake of progression in the story, even though optional exploration would still play a big part in the game. Halo Infinite would be making some bold changes to both the campaign as well as the multiplayer in order to tweak the “standard Halo formula” a bit.

Forza Motorsport will be getting a complete reboot, with the new game featuring a completely new engine. The new engine has been built keeping in mind the next-gen consoles, so major graphical improvements can be expected.

The leak concludes with a new IP coming from a “major Japanese studio”, though no details are known yet. It is possible that the studio mentioned here is SEGA, as a leaked advertisement from E3 2020 suggests.

The leaks come from 4chan from a supposed industry insider. The leaks fall in line with some of the previous rumors, strengthening their credibility. Moreover, the details leaked fall in line with the insight into the conference offered by industry insider Shinobi062.

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