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If you were excited to see the PlayStation digital event and its plethora of game reveals, then there is reason to be excited. Who doesn’t like to play new games? People have already come to the conclusion that PlayStation has won the ‘showcase war’ for hosting a better event with more gameplay footage. However, according to a new leak, Xbox still has got quite a few cards up their sleeves, and their first event was to mainly focus on the new Xbox console and discussions about its technical capabilities.

We already know from an earlier leak that Xbox had two planned events – one mainly for showcasing the new Xbox console and a few games, while their other event (basically the replacement for their E3 event) was mainly about game reveals. The first Xbox event was so terrible that people had already lost hope with them actually being serious about hosting their event. The PlayStation event was miles better than the first Xbox even, and it featured both games reveals as well as a showcase of the PlayStation console. According to prominent industry insider Shinobi062, don’t count Xbox Game Studios out yet – they have quite a lot to show, and the best is yet to come in the main event in July. 

Industry insider Shinobi says that the main Xbox event has got "a lot to show".

Shinobi062 has also asked people not to take their decision solely based on the first event, because the “full launch roster” is “yet to come”. He also says that there’s a “lot to show” in the July event “without spoiling anything”.

Delays definitely mean more leaks, which could hamper the hype about the next event. Microsoft hasn’t got a lot of space for errors after the terrible first event, and they haven’t been cracking down on leaks as Sony has. We already have wind of a new Fable in the works which is supposed to be revealed then, along with some gameplay footage and more details about Halo Infinite.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt till an actual confirmation comes through.

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