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Let’s Start Things Off with the Gameplay below-

Assuming that you have watched this video above we will proceed to the main news.

As you guys Know China has a lot of rip-off of stuff from the iPhone to even a Sony TV. But hold on, we are haven’t even scratched the surface. Recently Kotaku reported that, Blizzard China and an Online service provider NetEase are suing the the Makers of the Mobile Fps MOBA Shooter for ripping of off the popular online game Overwatch.

This hero probably looks like a Female version of Soldier76

Heroes of Warfare is a MOBA FPS on Android and iOS that blatantly copies Overwatch. Check out some of its gameplay above or the Screenshots below. One of the characters look exactly like the love child of McCree and Hanzo. Another character is heavily armored and deploys a large shield like Reinhardt. The map used in the video is obviously a recreation of Overwatch’s Ilios, right down to the lighthouse control point and well in the center as well. Even the scoreboards are flagrant carbon-copys.

A little modified RIP-OFF of the South African map in Overwatch Called Numbani

According to PC Watch, Blizzard China and NetEase are suing the game’s maker, demanding that an apology and restitution. They are also asking Apple to remove it from their digital store.

As a lucio main, I really like the design of this character

Both Blizzard China and NetEase say the game violates intellectual property regulations an further violates China’s unfair competition law.


This is what it seem like Reinhardht from Overwatch, With the big rectangle shield


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